Burnside’s Carbines, 5th Model


One of 5 similar Burnside Carbines, this model was manufactured in the largest quantities. Approximately 43,000 were produced between 1863-1865. It is almost identical to the 4th model with the exception of a noticeable guide screw in the center of the right frame. This allows for smoother operation of the breech as it rides in the corresponding curved groove in the breech block. Despite initial deliveries being made in 1863 the top frame features a marking reading “Burnside’s Patent/Model of 1864”, which is as of yet unexplained. The left side stock of the rifle has the letters “U.S.” as well as what appears to be a bird carved into it. While the right has the carvings “U.S. 1865”. A small portion of the left hand fore-stock is missing. See pictures for more details. It bears two inspectors’ cartouche.