World War 2 German Officer’s Dress Sword – Eickhorn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis German officer’s dress sword is in splendid condition. The nickel-plated blade is 32 inches long and is in near mint condition and has a mirror-like polish. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the 1935-1941 Eickhorn squirrel trademark. There is some oxidation on gilded aluminum base. The pommel features a detailed depiction of a lion’s head which is inset with red faceted eyes. The handle itself bears and oak leaf pattern with an open area for a monogram. Beneath the hilt is stamped “D.R.P.” which means there was a patent on the design. The crossguard is inlaid with a left-facing, open winged eagle over a swastika. The sheath does show some signs of wear in the form of light rust which is slightly more pronounced on the drag. The sword knot that is pictured is the original.