Civil War Sharps Rifle New Model 1859

This rifle was produced by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company Hartford, Connecticut in 1859. It is a 52 caliber breechloader with a 30 inch round barrel with full forends fastened with three barrel bands and iron patchbox. It also has a lug for a saber type bayonet near the muzzle. The stock is walnut and has had a repair to the buttstock. It has all original parts and has not been converted from percussion to cartridges as was common. This model had contracts with the Army and the Navy with approximately 1,500 for the former and 2,800 for the latter. Serial number located on the tang and beneath the front fore-stock is 41061. Several stamps on the rifle include New Model 1859/Sharps Manufacturing Co., C. SHARPS PAT./SEP 12TH 1848, C. SHARPS PAT./OCT 5TH 1852 AND R. S. LAWRENCE PAT/APRIL 12TH 1859.