3rd Model 1816 U.S. Original Flint Lock A. Waters Contract Musket

This piece is a stunning example of a 3rd type model 1816 .69 caliber flint lock musket. 21, 560 of these muskets were produced from 1817-1836 on a contract to the A. Waters company and were manufactured in Millbury, Massachusetts. This musket features all of the original bright finish and original fire blued screws, hammer, prism and prism spring. The barrel very clearly retains the inspector’s stamp banner style “U.S./A.H./P”, A.H. indicating the inspector was Asabel Hubbard (1). The lock plate marking of “U.S./A. WATERS” designate this as a 3rd type model 1816. It also has “MILLBURY/1831” stamped vertically behind the hammer. Along the stock near the butt plate is stamped “U.S.” and another inspector’s stamp for the weapon’s overall function “JAJB”, for James A. J. Bradford (2). The stock itself is walnut and very well maintained, still coated with the original linseed oil. The overall condition of the musket is like new-fine and has the original button ram rod.



1) Asabel Hubbard, Armory S-I- Barrels and stocks, Whitney and Starr muskets, and North and Johnson pistols; 1813-1847

2) James A. J. Bradford, Capt. USA-Hall carbines; 1833-1835