Civil War Morgan County, Ohio Union Presidential Ballot 1864

The United States Union presidential election of 1864 was held on Tuesday, November 8, 1864. The incumbent president republican Abraham Lincoln was running for reelection against the democratic candidate George B. McClellan. This ballot is from the Morgan county Ohio election.



Lincoln1 Lincoln


Civil War Confederate Richmond Armory Musket Type 1

This is a Richmond Armory musket produced by the Confederacy with parts captured at Harpers Ferry Armory in April 1861. They were manufactured from 1861-1865 and are distinctive because of their so called “humpback” lockplate. The plate on this rifle is not stamped. It has brass nose cap and butt plate and the U’s on the barrel band retainers are off center as well as a notch in front of the sight all of which is typical of Richmonds. The stock shows signs of repair.




Civil War Model 1855 Springfield Rifle Dated 1860

This rifle is a model 1855 Springfield that is dated 1860. It was produced by the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. It uses the percussion cap system, as in the 1840’s the less effective flint locks were being replaced by this system as well as seeing the introduction of rifled barrels and the Minie’ ball. The stock was broken and shows signs of repair (see pictures), and there is some wood loss on the ram rod channel.




8 Inch Mortar Ball Fired By 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery, Spanish Fort, AL, April 1865

The 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment, nicknamed the “Jackass Regiment”, served the Union Army during the Civil War from 1861-1866. They fought in the Battle of Mobile bay taking Fort Morgan, Blakely and Gaines between August 1864 and April 1865. This 8 inch mortar ball was fired during the siege of Spanish Fort and was found there. It still has the original wood fuse but is no longer live.

Civil War NCO Sword Dated 1864-Ames

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a Civil War period Non Commissioned Officer’s sword. It is in very good condition, as you can read all the markings where it has been inspected and accepted. It has two stamps on either side of the blade near the hilt. One side is marked “U.S. D.K. 1864” and the other is marked AMES MFc Co, CHICOPEE, MASS. The knuckle- bow has an inspector’s stamp reading “G.K.C.”. It has an overall length of 38 ½ inches with a blade length of 32 ¼ inches.


Confederate Fayetteville Armory Rifle Type III, Id’d to R. W. Sawyers, 8th Regt North Carolina, Co. C

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis piece is a 58 caliber muzzleloader with a 33 inch barrel secured by two barrel bands. The lock functions at both half and full cock positions. It also has the original ram rod. It still retains its brown finish though it has a slight repair on the stock (see pictures). It has an 1863 date on the barrel as well as V.P. and Eagle markings. The lock plate has the distinctive markings of an 1863 date C. S. A. Fayetteville with the butt plate also having the C. S. A. inscription. Under the butt plate is the owner’s own mark. It reads “R. W. Sawyers” some text that is hard to decipher, followed by “N C 1864”. Sawyers was a member of the 8th Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry. It was organized near Warrenton, North Carolina at Camp Macon in September 1861. Picture of service record attached.