Civil War Sharps Carbine , Mew Model 1863 , Delivered to the U.S. Government 2 March 1864



Sharps Carbine , Mew Model 1863 , Delivered to the U.S. Government 2 March 1864
Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Connecticut, serial numbers for the “New Model 1863” generally run 75,000 to 140,000, some overlap with other models. The Sharps carbine was the most significantly utilized carbine of the Civil War, it was a single shot percussion breechloader using paper cartridge and and revolutionized hand weaponry. The Model 1863, reflected only minor improvements over the Model 1859, mostly elimination of the patchbox. Standard features include an iron buttplate, iron loading lever serves as a trigger guard, one iron band, percussion nipple was designed to utilize a tape primer system that did not work very well and was usually disabled, but conventional cap served effectively, hinged Sharps sight, saddle bar and riding ring on left side, rifling with six lands and grooves. Mark on top of barrel, “NEW MODEL 1863.”. Mark on sight, “R.S. LAWRENCE / PATENTED / FEB. 15TH 1859.”. Mark forward of sight, “SHARPS RIFLE / MANUFG. CO. / HARTFORD CONN.” Notches on top of barrel and receiver for alignment. Mark on lock near center: “C. SHARPS’ PAT. / OCT. 5TH 1852.” Mark upper lock: “R. S. LAWRENCE’ PAT. / APRIL 12TH 1859.” Mark left side of receiver: “C. SHARPS’ PAT. / SEPT. 12TH 1848. Serial number on rear breech 99750. 2 Cartouches on wood on left side beneath the saddle bar : indicate government inspection, additional inspector marks, on the barrel “E.A.W.” and the bottom of the forearm is stamped with a “H.H.H.” sub-inspection mark. . Barrel length 22in. Overall in Very Good to Excellent condition. With Excellent bore. $3350.00