Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver

This was the major revolver used by U.S. troops during the Civil War. It is the standard round cylinder army model with a New York address (-ADDRESS COL. SAM COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA). It is 44 caliber, 6-shot cylinder with Naval engagement scene and 8″ round barrel. The grips are one piece walnut with brass trigger guard and blued steel backstrap. The frame, hammer and lever are casehardened and the remainder is blued. The roll scene on the cylinder is of the battle between the Texas Navy and that of Mexico. All original parts and matching serial numbers: 89451.





Civil War Ames 1862 Musician’s Sword

This sword is a model 1840 musician’s sword. It was intended to be worn during drills or formation and while it could be used in battle, it was only as a last resort. The ricasso features the stamps “MADE BY / AMES MFG CO. / CHICOPEE /  MASS.” (banner style) and “U.S./1862”. The handle is entirely brass with the grip giving a wire-wrapped impression. The blade length is 28″


Civil War Bowie Knife

This bowie knife dates to the Civil War and it is in fine condition. It has stag horn handles and the original leather sheath.



Civil War Sharps Rifle New Model 1859

This rifle was produced by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company Hartford, Connecticut in 1859. It is a 52 caliber breechloader with a 30 inch round barrel with full forends fastened with three barrel bands and iron patchbox. It also has a lug for a saber type bayonet near the muzzle. The stock is walnut and has had a repair to the buttstock. It has all original parts and has not been converted from percussion to cartridges as was common. This model had contracts with the Army and the Navy with approximately 1,500 for the former and 2,800 for the latter. Serial number located on the tang and beneath the front fore-stock is 41061. Several stamps on the rifle include New Model 1859/Sharps Manufacturing Co., C. SHARPS PAT./SEP 12TH 1848, C. SHARPS PAT./OCT 5TH 1852 AND R. S. LAWRENCE PAT/APRIL 12TH 1859.



Civil War Whitney Navy & Eagle Co. Revolver

The Whitney Navy is one of the first practical solid frame revolvers. It was an early competitor of the Colt after its master patents expired in 1857. Very popular during the Civil War large quantities of its production saw service during the conflict. This piece is the 2nd model, 2nd type. The octagonal barrel is 7 1/2 inches with the serial number 6687 inside the loading lever and also has two piece walnut grips. It is 36 caliber with a 6 shot round cylinder that is machined with six safety notches at the back. It has the barrel marking E. Whitney/N. Haven.



Civil War Grouping of Two Brothers from the 10th Wisconsin Infantry

This grouping contains two 1/6 plate tin type photographs depicting a pair of brothers that were members of the 10th Wisconsin Infantry armed with full equipment. One of the tin types is of Lorenzo H. Dow and has some flaking on the picture. Inside the case is a notation “Loren’s hair taken in camp…, April 4th 1862” and it contains a lock of his hair. The other tin type is of William P. Dow and the case also contains his hair but does not bear any notation. The last piece is a letter from Camp Abercrombie in Shepherdsmille, Kentucky written by William to his sister informing her that Lorenzo was ill and that he was trying to get him out of camp and see to his care.