World War 2 M1941Ductch Klewang U.S. Navy Milsco Cutlass

This Dutch Klewang cutlass was manufactured in the U.S. by the Milwaukee Saddlery company beginning in the 1940’s. It was designed after the European-manufactured M1898/M1911. The M1898/M1901 were produced in Solingen, Germany and Hembrug, Netherlands. The M1940 was entirely U.S. made and had an unmarked blade. In the early 1940’s Milsco and another U.S. company, Vince, began producing only the blades. They were to serve as replacement blades for the M1898/M1901 and were assembled with grips, hilts and guards primarily in the Dutch East Indies. After being overrun by the Germans in 1941 the Netherlands could no longer fulfill its contract to Milsco. Subsequently the U.S. Navy purchased the excess inventory of cutlasses, selling them after the war as Navy surplus.

Over the years the different models of Klewang cutlasses have seen little variation. They all have pierced hilt cup and a clipped tip. The European models featured wooden grips while the U.S. manufactured Klewangs used a black bakelite grip. This M1941 features smooth cut outs with rounded edges in the cup hilt, as opposed to the small square notches typically found in other models and has wooden grips. The overall length of the cutlass is 2’5″ with a blade length of 2′ with Milsco stamped on the ricasso. The leather sheath is in good condition with a brass drag and has the hanger still intact.


World War 2 German M42 Helmet

This helmet is a late war production. It has no decal and is in excellent condition.



World War 2 German Army Belt Buckle-Herman Knoller


This is an early war German Army belt buckle. It has the pebbled front with the emblem in the center reading “Gott Mit Uns”, which translates to God with us. Inside of that is the German eagle and swastika. The leather is printed with the maker’s stamp reading “Herman Knoller, 1939, Pforz Heim”.

World War 2 German Officer’s Dagger, Unmarked


The blade of the dagger is unmarked indicating that it was produced late in the war. Finely decorated around the pommel cap and the cross piece is decorated with the eagle and swastika. Sheath shows some wear, it is missing one belt hanger and the other is loose. Overall length 15 ½ inches, blade length 10 ¾ inches.

World War 2 M1 Garand Bayonet Dated 1943

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was a model 1905 bayonet that that was cut down by American Fork and Hoe Company to be reissued for the M1 Garand in World War 2. It is dated 1943.


World War 2 German Officer’s Dress Sword – Eickhorn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis German officer’s dress sword is in splendid condition. The nickel-plated blade is 32 inches long and is in near mint condition and has a mirror-like polish. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the 1935-1941 Eickhorn squirrel trademark. There is some oxidation on gilded aluminum base. The pommel features a detailed depiction of a lion’s head which is inset with red faceted eyes. The handle itself bears and oak leaf pattern with an open area for a monogram. Beneath the hilt is stamped “D.R.P.” which means there was a patent on the design. The crossguard is inlaid with a left-facing, open winged eagle over a swastika. The sheath does show some signs of wear in the form of light rust which is slightly more pronounced on the drag. The sword knot that is pictured is the original.